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Eddie McCarthy

  • Eddie McCarthy poses with the men of Company G for the 1941 unit photo at Camp Edwards. Source: Edward Monahan Collection.
  • Undated photo taken prior to Company G's entry into the war at Guadalcanal. The men are still wearing old 'doughboy' World War I helmets, but they have been armed with new M-1 Garand rifles. Back Row (L to R): Dan Dooley, Tony Dziuszko, Jack Wilkins, Phil Sicorai. Front Row (L to R): Eddie McCarthy, Ed Monahan, John Mulcahy, Peter Biagione. Source: John Mulcahy Collection.
  • Eddie McCarthy in a studio portrait. Source: John Mulcahy Collection.

Eddie McCarthy, from Danvers, MA, was remembered after the war as a “tough guy,” but was close friends with the poetic John Mulcahy, and the melodic Ed Monahan. McCarthy survived the campaign on Guadalcanal, and the initial fighting on Hill 260. During the March 20 assault on the hill, he was shot in the head by a sniper and killed. He was awarded a posthumous Silver Star. In 1949, his body was repatriated to the United States, and buried in his hometown of Danvers. Father Brock was in attendance, and men from Company G served as pallbearers, including Jackie Wilkins, Tony Dziuszko and John Mulcahy.