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Thomas “Frank” Marion

  • Thomas "Frank" Marion (left) Clayton Brown (center) and Patrick Farino (right) on Bougainville in 1944. Brown and Farino are displaying their recently awarded Purple Hearts. Source: Patrick Farino Collection.

Frank Marion (left in Photo #1), from West Virginia, was wounded three times in combat with Company G. The first was during the fighting for Hill 260. While hospitalized, with the battle still undecided, he snuck out to return to the unit. MP’s came and found him, but left the bandaged soldier alone to fight alongside his friends. He was awarded a Bronze Star for actions in the October 1944 offensive on Bougainville. He was wounded again 30 March 1945, on Cebu, but was soon back in action. On 12 April  he was shot in the leg by a sniper. It was a serious wound, and required extensive surgery. He was evacuated and eventually returned home safely. Marion passed away in 2003.