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Men of Company G

  • The men of Company G line up for a group photo, taken at Camp Edwards in 1941. Source: Edward Monahan Collection.

Over the course of World War II, hundreds of men served in Company G. As men were killed and wounded, new replacements were brought on to keep the unit at fighting strength. Thus, the company was in a continuous state of flux. It is difficult to say with any certainty exactly how many men served in Company G, or to compile a full list of their names. Photo #1 is a snapshot of Company G in 1941. But this was not the exact same group of men that fought on Guadalcanal, Bougainville, Leyte, and Cebu, and later arrived on the shores of Japan in 1945. Throughout this section of the exhibit (where possible) profiles of soldiers who appear in this 1941 unit photo will include a cropped version of this larger photo.

This section of the website shares the stories of many of the soldiers who served in Company G. Declassified reports contain the names of hundreds of men, but there are often no photographs to put a face to those names. Even the unit photo above is devoid of a caption, leaving the identity of many of the men in it a mystery.

The names below are just a sample of the men from this unit. These are men for whom a picture is available, and at least the basics of their back story are known. It is hoped that sharing this story on the internet will connect veterans and their families, and that more men from Company G will be joined together once again in this unique story. If you know of a veteran from this unit, please contact us at so that we can add them to the list.

John Arria
Robert Bradley
Russell Brady
David Brinkmann
Father Laurence Brock
Clayton Brown
James Crowley
Fred G. Davis
Robert Demuth
Tony Dziuszko
Patrick Farino
Frank Fitzgerald
James Gann
Ed Gekosky
Ernest Grice
Bill Henningsen
Ken Lachmann
Kenneth Laney
Thomas “Frank” Marion
Daniel McCahill
Eddie McCarthy
Robert McMahon
Arnold Meltzer
Ed Monahan
Jack Morton
John Mulcahy
John Murphy
Michael O’Dea
Donald Pray
Walter Rinko
Richard Roy
Howard Simmons
Albert Sykes
Ken Vander Molen

Please note: the 1941 unit photo shown above, part of a large poster sized collage, appears to have been stretched horizontally to fit properly in the montage. The appearance of the men in the photo may thus appear slightly distorted. It is compressed vertically, leaving the men (and in particular, their faces) looking somewhat shorter and wider than their actual appearance would have been.