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Source Documents

This section of the website is intended as a research portal for veterans, their families, and historians. It contains official documents from all four campaigns in which the 182nd Infantry participated during World War II (Guadalcanal, Bougainville, Leyte, Cebu) as well as personal documents such as letters and diaries from the men of Company G. Many of these documents can also be found in the “Fours Years of War” and “Men of Company G” sections of the site, but others will be unique to this section. There are countless documents in existence related to the history of the 182nd Infantry Regiment, and only a small portion of them have been digitized to date. Still, our digital collection already contains hundreds of original documents. This portion of the site will be a continuous work in progress, with new items added over time.

Most (if not all) of these documents were obtained from either the National Archives and Records Administration, or the Massachusetts National Guard Museum. All previously classified documents have been obtained through the proper declassification process from those agencies.

A question often arises: Is it “Company G” or “G Company?” Research into source documents of the 182nd Infantry seems to show that the preferred convention was “Company G” in the years before World War II, and in the early part of the war. Over the course of the war – and after – G Company was more commonly used.



182nd Infantry History 01 16 1941 to 11 11 1942

Australia/Pacific Voyage

182nd Infantry History 01 16 1941 to 11 11 1942

Movement of Allied Forces

Twin-Ocean Gazette 02 04 1942

New Caledonia

182nd Infantry History 01 16 1941 to 11 11 1942

New Caledonia Map 09 14 1942


Field Order #3 11 01 1942

Unit Report #5 11 18 1942

Guadalcanal Position Overlay 11 23 1942

Message 11 26 1942




Movement Order #1 12 10 1943

Operations of Hill 260 03 10 1944 to 03 11 1944

Bronze Star Citation – Technical Sergeant Edward Monahan

Telegram – Technical Sergeant Edward Monahan, Wounded in Action


S-2 Periodic Report #7 03 05 1945

Company Order #4 02 08 1945


Field Order #2 03 16 1945